The Importance of Cinematography

The Importance of Cinematography

We were shocked to find out that a recent blog article we had written for our friends, Venuelust was featured as one of the “Top 100 UK Event Industry Blog Posts” for 2014! Since it’s popularity spread worldwide, we thought we’d share the post with you!

Wedding Film for the Win, or Save a Buck in the End?

Originally posted on Venuelust:

There’s no denying that every couple getting married will do anything to get their number one choice of photographer… and they probably wont skimp on their favorite venue… and she will most certainly have their dream dress. But why is it that, most often, it’s the wedding film that gets cut when the funds run thin? In a recent study by Brides magazine it was said that ninety eight percent of Brides intended upon having a wedding film, yet only twenty nine percent actually followed through with hiring a professional cinematographer to capture their wedding day. Ninety nine percent of the brides that didn’t have a wedding film stated, in retrospect, that it was the greatest regret of their wedding.

For those who don’t understand the differentiation of visual mediums, it wouldn’t seem logical to spend big on a photographer AND a cinematographer. After all, they both involve a camera, right? However, what most people don’t realize is that photography & cinematography are two totally separate products. On one hand, you have a collection of still images. On the other hand, you have a motion picture with sound & story that not only evokes memories, but also emotions.

Photographs capture a moment in time. Most still images a couple receives are posed & can be very similar to the images of many other couples who just got hitched. (Depending upon how Pinterest obsessed you should happen to be) In comparison, your wedding film is a living memory. It transports you back to your special day so you can relive everything that actually happened & what was actually said. Your wedding film is really the only aspect of your wedding that documents what is uniquely you. There may be other brides who bought a similar dress, other people who copied your Gatsby wedding theme, & plenty of people who said their vows at your venue. But no one can ever duplicate just being the two of you. The way your groom lost it when you came down the aisle, or how loud the crowd cheered when you were announced Mr. & Mrs., or how you swayed & played during your first dance… these are the moments your wedding film will capture. These are the moments that you will want to watch & playback to your future generations.

Now we’re certainly not saying to skip out on capturing those romantic vogue poses you’ve been planning. Your photographs will always be your most beautiful wall art & you will no doubt cherish those images for years to come. What we are saying is this: if you don’t hire a cinematographer, you’ll miss the opportunity to go back in time – to experience the story of your love & joining your lives all over again. Almost every couple that has hired us { Anthology Films} to capture their wedding film has confessed that it is their most cherished keepsake from their wedding. Yes, we realize the 4k you just dropped on your photographer is a lot of money; but when reflecting upon the most important day of your life, we believe you’ll want to relive the moments, not the regrets.